Accelerating at speeds only the Batmobile could achieve, Mika Bat & Kub Sharp arrived on Tokyo's Back from the Grave garage punk scene like the real dynamic duo crashing through the rooftop of a secret hideout with fists flaring "BAM" and "POW!" Suited up in capes, black leather and London constable helmets and wielding their Bat-gear of choice, vintage Firstman guitars in the shape of violins, THEEE BAT assault the audience with a repertoire of brash originals and electrified garage classics. In 2008, they gigged around London before appearing at the Funtasic Dracula Carnival in Spain. In Japan, they supported THE MUMMIES at the 2009 Back from the Grave Halloween Ball and were featured in underground punk zine DOLL before it ceased publication... and still, their mission is far from over!


ATOMIC SUPLEX are a high-power rock 'n' roll fury from the streets of London. Their feedback laced and loud, distorted songs have drawn them comparisons to Japan's GUITAR WOLF while they somehow manage to keep rooted in American garage and real RnR. They have cut several singles at 45rpm on underground labels like Frantic City, Death Pop and Radiowave, been praised in press like Art Rocker and Maximum Rocknroll and toured Japan several times alongside the stylish VIVIAN BOYS and Batman-themed freakout THEEE BAT. They remain a thunder-shakin' presence in the UK and London's Dirty Water garage rock scene.


One of a handful of bands keeping the Japanese Back from the Grave scene alive, THE FADEAWAYS play stompin' three chord, garage punk the way it was originally brewed in the North West by the likes of THE SONICS. Apart from their Swamp Fiction 7" effort "(I Wanna Get Some) Action!," the group has self-release an eponymous EP, a raw RnR mini-album on CD and also made their way onto a Detour Records comp. Meanwhile, they've been busy on the roads of Japan with revivalists like THE WOGGLES as well as throwing their own shindigs in Tokyo aptly titled Teenage Shutdown, not to mention opening for veritable legends like THE PRETTY THINGS!

ED WOODS (Japan)

Invoking their namesake, ED WOODS draw on 50ā€™s sci-fi and B movie hysteria for their trash rock ā€™nā€™ roll sound. Forming in 1995 amidst the Tokyo garage scene, ED WOODS became notorious for their gore and horror filled live shows. Since then, the band has played at the legendary CBGB alongside PEELANDER-Z as well as Tokyo's Back from the Grave Returns among countless other punk and hardcore events. While their earlier mini-albums like Spaceship Surfride and Monster Trash got the band recognized as sci-fi & horror grindhouse geeks, the 2012 release of their first full-length Wild Dude which cemented their rep for being, well, wild dudes!


LOS CHAMPIONS are veritable supergroup made up of some key players in the Japanese garage scene. With the exception of shrieking banshee key-pounder Akko Champion, everyone does double duty or has jammed with major Japanese noise makers. Taka and Tetsuya Champion both play in THE VOLUME OUT! and rocker duo RUNAWAY BROTHERS, but America audiences might know Tetsuya better as Peelander Black! Sanshiro Champion has drummed for THEEE BAT and EDDIE LEGEND STORY and Billy Champion is also the double bass slapping psycho from ED WOODS! So all of these RNR lovin' weird-ohs got together and donned punked-out luchador masks to blast out screeching surf 'n' soul garage thumpers around Tokyo.