ED WOODS meets LOS CHAMPIONS - "Terror In Room 208!" - 7" Split EP (Clear Red Vinyl)

Featuring two terrifyingly terrific Japanese garage bands on one ferocious 7" EP, this record spins four songs at 45rpm on clear, blood-red vinyl. Trash rock 'n' roll thrashers ED WOODS meet surf 'n' soul punks LOS CHAMPIONS with alternating tracks on both sides for an extra-special twisted listening experience. The album art, with illustrations by Naoya from BOBBY's BAR, is a parody of horror comics like Tales from the Crypt by gore story pioneers EC Comics and is printed on glossy paper to give it that old school magazine feel. Throw on side A for some wild dude party action and side B for some surf sounds! All tracks were masterfully mastered by Soichiro Nakaura at Peace Music who has been at the helm of projects by Japanese underground acts including YURA YURA TEIKOKU, AFRIRAMPO, THE 5678's, BORIS and GUITAR WOLF to name just a few.!



THE FADEAWAYS - 2013 West Coast USA Tour!

For the first time ever some of you lucky west coast muthers will get a chance to hear north west garage sounds thrown right back in your face from Japan! Get ready for THE FADEAWAYS in Los Angeles and San Francisco! Check their Facefook page for exact dates: THE FADEAWAYS on FACEBOOK! Special thanks to Russell Quan from THE PHANTOM SURFERS!


EL BEASTO presents THEEE BAT in Spain - Septiembre 2013!

Get ready SPAINiacs!!!!! THEEE BAT once again trash up you lazy siesta-taking bastardos and rock the FIESTA! Fuck the bulls! Run with THEEE BAT!? More info at EL BEASTO TOURS!


THE FADEWAYS are now being distroyed.. er distro-ed in Europe by the amazingly hip muthers at SOUNDFLAT MAILORDER STORE! Get the Swamp Fiction 7" "(I Wanna Get Some) Action!" here: THE FADEAWAYS at SOUNDFLAT!


New 7" single featuring THE FADEAWAYS (JP)! Two action-packed, 60's punk junkers including a cover of Texas Flashbacks attractions THE TROLLS' "That's The Way My Love Is!" Random color vinyl!

If you wish to order THE FADEAWAYS - (I Wanna Get Some) Action! (SWAMP-002), please go to our affiliated online record shop, Pacifiction Records and order there:


New 7" split EP with ATOMIC SUPLEX (UK) and THEEE BAT (JP)! Four super loud, trashcan banging garage punk doozers on full moon yellow vinyl! Features Back from the Grave classic "Willy the Wild One" done Bat-style!

If you wish to order THEEE BAT vs. ATOMIC SUPLEX (SWAMP-001), please go to our affiliated online record shop, Pacifiction Records and order there: